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Learning target:

To learn the process of how to repair a toilet.

Technology and application:

iPad and iMovie app

Phases of the process:

The teacher decribed the phases of the repairing process to be accomplished in an authentic environment of the property maintenance workshop (with five bathrooms for learning purposes).


  • Learning the theory in classroom
  • A mobile learning assignment
  • Basic instructions on how to make a mobile video for learning
  • Repairing toilets in groups and recording mobile videos of the process
  • Editing videos in iMovie app; recording commentary of what's happening, what went wrong, what should be taken into account next time etc.
  • Uploading videos to YouTube
  • Watching videos together
  • Dicussion and reflection with teacher and the whole group


Attention! These products are not guides or teaching materials as such so they are not supposed to be flawless but aim to make the students' learning visible. They are part of the students' learning process and through these videos other students can repeat the situation and better remember what was necessary and what went wrong. This is useful, for example, before qualification examinations. The videos can be used in different ways, for tasks such as naming tools or practices in different languages, highlighting the phases of the repairing process, showing incorrect procedures to learn the right ones, etc.

For more information: mlearning advisor, project manager Pauliina Venho, pauliina.venho at
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